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7 Celebration Ideas for CNY 2021

Chinese New Year will be a little different this year, so to help us usher in the Year of the Ox, we at RED Events have been searching for fun and creative ways to celebrate. We have a lot to be thankful for, hence, the need to embrace a new norm as it bring us new and exciting activities that we wouldn’t normally experience. Whether it be virtual or physical here is our quick fire guide to celebrating safely and in style

1 - Lohei without the Hollering

We are loving this genus idea from DJ Beng. Gather in your group of 8 and enjoy the traditional LoHei Session without the shouting! Simply head to the site and activate the pre-recored auspicious phrases in a singe tap. Ensure that your CNY celebrations are saliva-free with the mere press of a button.

2 - Sending Hampers

Our Friends at Lavish Dine sent us this lovely Hamper and we love the idea of reaching out to friends, family and business associates with these delicious home baked goodies.

3 - Host a “virtual’ Reunion Dinner

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With gathering numbers restricted to 8 doesn’t mean you have to restrict the celebrations. Host a Virtual Reunion Dinner and uphold some of the age-old traditions in a safe and socially distant celebration. Food is a very important part of ushering in the new year, so sync your New Year feast menus so you can all enjoy the experience together

4 - Goodbye Red Packet, Hello e-ang bao

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Like many other traditions the handing out of Red Packets has been disrupted the year so why not go digital. There are many ways to give e-ang bao’s but DBS are launching the world first loadable QR red Packets. But don’t despair if you don’t bank with DBS, other banks such as Citi, UOB & Standard Charted also have a digital solution, go get gifting!

5 - Take in the lights

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Although launched virtually this year, the Street lights will still run from 23rd January to 12th March 2021 and will will feature sculptured lanterns of the Ox, gold coins, golden ingots, flowers and greetings, etc., combining traditions with modern design, visitors will be enthralled by the creativity of the contemporary street light-up design

6 - Wan Qin Festival of Spring 2021

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From 5th January to 28th February 2021 Usher in the Year of the Ox at the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall’s Lunar New Year celebrations! Presenting an exciting line-up of family-friendly offerings such as lion dance and festive drum workshops, heritage walking trails, and craft activities for the little ones. Online programs also available

7 - Dahlia Dreams - Flower Dome

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Gardens By The Bay have done it again with the magnificent floral displays. Ring in the year of the Metal Ox and bask in prosperity and good fortune. Stroll through a field of about 1,400 pretty dahlias of mixed varieties, all grown in-house for the very first time by their own horticulturists. Festive Perfection!

Gong Xi Fa Cai from Team RED!

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