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Event Manager  •
Dog Whisperer

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Senior Event Executive • 
Show Girl

Events & Marketing Executive • Cat Whisperer


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Eugene Chew

Event Manager • Dog Whisperer

Having spent the past 9 years in the event planning industry, Eugene has harvested strong foundations and vast knowledge and skillsets in various aspects of event management and curation.

With strong passion and interests towards arts and creativity, he is also grateful for he is blessed with not one but TWO eyes for beautiful things. He has always induced innovative and mesmerising elements in the projects he manages. Regional attention-grabbing projects such as Christmas Light Up Orchard, Fashion Steps Out Singapore to international retail marketing campaigns, such as Capitaland malls China.

Achilles’ heel would be when he is faced with the 4-legged furry friends. It’s natural to him that he bonds easily and builds a strong trust with most doggies. Guess that happens when you love them with wholeheartedly.

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Siti Noorashikin

Senior Event Executive • Show Girl

As the Events Executive and the life and soul of the office, Siti supports all Event Managers with planning and execution of events. She is motivated by her passion to achieve great results for clients through extensive administration and logistics management. Siti also brings creativity, enthusiasm and zest to the team. During her time in Red Events, Siti has assisted in more than 50 events ranging from 30 to 1200 attendees. Her multi-tasking skills contribute to the smooth operation of simultaneous client projects.


Some of her other passions include closet singing and dancing – with the dream of becoming an Asian Whitney Houston. With a soulful voice and impeccable moves, who would ever say ‘no’ to working with her?

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Isyak Sulaiman

Creative & Digital Lead • Music Genius

With a keen eye for detail and aesthetics, Isyak is the go-to guy for all things design and digital related from Graphic Design to Scenic Design to Digital Marketing. Isyak thrives in the most challenging environment and is always eager to take on more design projects.


Having a passion in music, he plays the piano and also mixes music whenever he has the time. He also enjoys creating visual art pieces, performing and have directed various street dance performances in Singapore.

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Poppy Poodle

Head of Discipline • Queen

The real boss as nothing can happen in the office without her permission. Despite her “I’m the Queen” attitude, she’s one of the most beautiful one.


Her demureness, elegance and poise is sure to steal your heart. She’s ever ready to give you a cuddle when you need one.

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Betty Boop

In-house Therapist • Dancing Dog

The most loved one in the office welcomes you at the doorstep with her non-stop wagging tail and dancing bum.


Always wants to play ball and looking to distract everyone in the office with her cuteness.  She is sure to melt your heart!

Managing Director  • Dancing Queen


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Radhia Kazura

Events & Marketing Executive • Cat Whisperer


As the Events & Marketing Executive, Radhia supports the sales and marketing team. She also lends support to the operations team as she has experience event organising various types of corporate events. Radhia is versatile and can handle events from planning to post. Her creativeness and enthusiasm to learn new things keeps her on the ball at all times.

During her free time, Radhia loves to travel and explore the world. She loves to hike and enjoys nature. Not forgetting, her love for books, cats and elephants!

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Faye Handley

Managing Director • Dancing Queen


For over fifteen years Faye ran a number of successful businesses in the UK where she organised a number of high profile events for clients in London and countrywide. It was then that she realised her passion for event planning. On moving to Singapore in 2007, she stayed true to what she loves and joined an established Singapore based events company. It was not long after that she decided to take it to the next level and started RED Events right from her bedroom. Yes, you heard that right!

To date, Faye has worked with many prestigious corporate brands which include luxury car manufacturers, lifestyle brands, private banking and property developers.  She has organised beautiful weddings, memorable private birthdays, anniversary celebrations, family days and D&Ds.

Faye also has a skilful not-so-hidden talent for designing and making hats and even has her own millinery studio. The one song she can’t resist dancing to is Dancing Queen by Abba and Studio 54 is forever in her soul. 

Faye has brought her strong commercial experience and deep passion for events to the leadership and success of RED Events.


Creative & Digital Lead • Music Genius

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Head of Discipline •  Diva


In-house Therapist • Dancing Dog

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