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Phase 3 - How will this effect the Events Industry in Singapore?

We know very little about what Phase 3 will bring us as Event Organisers in Singapore but in the RED Events office we are excited about what 2021 holds.

2020 has seen us pivot from a traditional Event Management Company to a high tech virtual solution for our corporate and private clients. I am incredibly proud of my team, how they have adapted to our new environment and embraced news skills to enable us to keep afloat in this crazy crazy year. We will never forget this year!

That’s enough about 2020, we don’t look back! We want to look forward into 2021 with a highest sense of positivity and optimism, Phase 3 is just around the corner and here is what we know so far:

  • People able to gather in groups of up to eight

  • Capacity limits of premises will be increased

  • Capacity for congregational and other worship services will be increased up to 250 persons

  • Attractions may start applying to the authorities to raise their operating capacity from 50 per cent to up to 65 per cent

  • Marriage solemnisations at indoor venues, funerals and funerary-related activities to have live instrumental music, with precautions in place  

  • Indoor live arts and cultural performances to hold up to 250 people, in zones of 50 each, after a pilot scheme started in November

  • Outdoor live performances to hold up to 250 people, in zones of up to 50 each, as part of pilots. This is an increase from the present 100-person cap  

  • MOH are continuing to pilot some nightlife activities and will continue to assess the safety on a ongoing basis

All this is leading in the right direction. We now have the vaccine and Singapore have been appointed the host nation for World Economic Forum in May 2021, so all good right!?

All this change does not mean plain sailing from here on in for Event Companies in Singapore. We need to be vigilant and we need to keep up to date with ever changing regulations, whilst still maintaining our creative edge.

We need to think outside the box to come up with creative hybrid solutions to keep our clients engaged in the part virtual world.

We need to work closely with clients and the authorities to give them the confidence to press on with on the ground events and jump out of the safe virtual world.

We also need to pray that the situation in other countries get resolved to enable us to trade with our overseas MICE clients again.

All this will take time and require larger budgets and greater logistics than previously anticipated, but with grit and determination we can do this, we can resurrect the amazing world of Events to its former glory. We move into 2021 with a (tentative) spring in our step and look forward to a bright future for our industry.

Happy New Year Singapore!

For more information on Phase 3 regulations please click this link


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