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Creative Ways to Decorate Small and Virtual Events

Updated: May 10, 2021

Just because the COVID-19 pandemic has effected our social interactions and restricted gatherings to smaller groups doesn’t mean that we can’t make them look fabulous. Here are our tips for fabulous creative decor whilst maintaining a safe environment for your guests.

RED Events Singapore - Danny & Shujun's Backyard Wedding

1 - Select a Theme

Whether it be a business focused event or a small social event, choosing the right theme is where it all starts. A strong cohesive theme will convey the objectives of the event and ensure all the participants know the direction and feel from the kickoff.

Red Events - Penfolds at Ce La Vi Marina Bay Sands (Social Distance Product Launch)

2 - Be Consistent

Once you have decided on your theme, the decor and branding should flow from this and be consistent at all touch points throughout the event. From virtual backdrops, signage, holding screens through to florals, menu cards and gifts, they should all complement each other in colour and branding.

Red Events Singapore - Penfolds at Ce La Vi Marina Bay Sands (Social Distance Product Launch)

3 - Customised backdrops and Props

If you’re hosting a virtual event on zoom or small gathering in person you may feel limited in terms of decorations. However customised backdrops and customised props are a fun way add and extra element.

4 - Get Creative

Don’t limit yourself to social distancing red tape. Floral decor, foliage, picket fencing or low level shrubbery can act as a beautiful alternative to regular room dividers. Remember anything can be branded, decorated and customised so get creative.